Fanimos partners program

How to

We made it as simple as possible, it takes like 5 seconds to register and maybe 10 more seconds to finish this tutorial. This will be your personal dashboard, you can track sales and visitors live.

1) First you need to register on Fanimos partners program. Click here


2) If you completed step 1 and you are already in your dashboard. Go to "Link generator section:

You can add any link from, for example I you want to sell naruto headbands. Find naruto headbands on then copy product link and paste it in your "Link Generator". ( You can do this with collection pages too)


Click "Generate" button and copy "Affiliated Link". (Link in the middle)

This affiliated link will allow our system to track your sales and visitors, always give affiliated link to your subscribers/followers.


Selling tips & tricks

Good job! It wasn't too complicated, m? :) Now we will give you few tips, how to increase your sales.

If you want to maximize your link clicks:

1) Scarcity - Let people know that it is limited time deal. You can say something like, offer will expire in 24 hours or this is one time offer.

2) Offer - Always mention an offer, for example 50% off and free worldwide shipping!

3) Always use nice quality pictures, if you can photoshop yours, it's even better.

4) I would send people straight to product page, i noticed i get better results this way.


Offer examples

1) Don't miss our summer sale, discounts up to 70% and free worldwide shipping on all products! THIS IS ONE TIME DEAL, offer will expire in 24 hours.

Get yours here: fanimos ect..


2) Buy 1 get 4 more for totally free! Offer will expire in 24 hours! 

Get yours here: fanimos ect...


3) Hey, have you prepared for summer? Don't go Uchiha blind, protect your eyes and rep your village. Choose from 12 different hats!

Discount will expire in 12 hours!


You probably got the idea ;)


Pictures if you are too laze to make your own