Was he a Naruto fan?

Everybody knows Osama Bing Laden from being a leader of terrorist group Al-Qaeda. But only few people know that the most wanted man on the earth was alo a huge Naruto fan. Not only that but he was also a gamer. He would use to play all kind of video games while hiding from the world. This might seem shocking but makes you realise that the old bastard was just a human to.

On 2018.09.01 Cia publically released all the files which were recovered from Al-Qaeda leader’s computers hard drive. It included all kind of files, starting from his personal journal to all kind of propoganda videos and correspondence. Seems like a typical terrorist leaders computer. Well there was something more. For some people it might seem shocking (or not) but in that hardware there were a lot of video games too. It contained games like Resident evil, Antz, Tekken and Dragon Ball Z. The hardware also had files which contained Bleach, DBZ and plenty of Naruto. He or whoever used his computer also had full Naruto series downloaded on his computer.

Well the old man didn’t get a chance to finish the series. Treats him right. Do you agree?