Did you know these celebrities were Naruto fans?

  Despite the public oppinion celebrities are regular people just like you and me. Or at least they used to be... They are human, all of them breathe, eat and watches Anime. Check out these 7 celebrities who are Anime fans. 

  1. Keanu Reas. In 2011 Matrix star has revealed that he is a huge anime fan. He said that the his favourite ones were Bleach and Naruto.

2. Who ever follows Kayne West on twitter knows that he watches Naruto and Akira is his the most favourite movie. He also claims that Akira inspired his music video ,,Stronger''.


3.Daniel Radcliffe is a huge anime fan. He claimed that anime had helped him to overcome depression. His favourite character in Naruto was Kakashi, but his favourite Anime series was Narogami. 

4.Quentin Tarantino has said a lot of times that he likes anime. Naruto and Bleach to be exact. He claimed that Anime had influence in his works.

tarantin naruto fan

5.Draft Punk loves anime. You can see the impact of anime in their video clips. It was revealed that before a concert in Miami in 2012 before the concert Draft Punk asked the organisers for a season 2 of Naruto series.

draft punk anime fans

  1. Christian Bale. Even though the batman is already 44 he still looks great. The reason behind that as he claimed was 5 times per weeks sports and 2 naruto series per week He said it with the smile, but we can be sure that he is familiar with the series.

bale naruto fan

7. Mia Khalifa. The ex pornstar is know to watch all kind of anime movies. Her favourite one is DBZ, but she likes Naruto as well. I wouldn't mind to summon the dragon with my dragon balls and her.

Haha just kidding about the last one =)))