7 Naruto facts you might not know

Here are 7 Naruto facts which are interesting and might not be known. Check it out I' m sure some will be new for you.


1. Itachi's lover.

izumi itachi

Itachi Had a close friend/ lover, Uchiha Izumi, who he had to kill during the Uchiha massacre. He placed her in an extremely powerful tsukuyomi where she lived the entirety of her life in 0.00000001/th of a second before dying in Itachi's arms. In her dream she became a Chuunin, retired from Shinobi life and became Itachi's wife and raised their childre. She lived to eighty years old before dying of old age alongside Itachi. Izumi thanked Itachi For giving her the life she wanted with him, even if it was a dream, and Itachi thanked her for living with him as she passed away.


2. After the war tailed beasts got released. 

tailed beasts naruto

After the war, the tailed beasts are released and they spread out through the world, free to live as they want although both Guyiki and Kurama decide to return and stay with B and Naruto. thaugh they are apart, the tailed beasts' chakra fragments remain within Naruto, allowing his body to act as their ,,Meeting ground''

3. Sasuke and Temari's voice actors are married in real life.  You can check how they look in the video below.

4. The creator of Naruto, One piece and Bleach cited Dragon Ball as a main influence for thei own franchises

bleach dbz

5. Kakashi describes Gai's ,,thing'' as the size of an acorn. He said that when they were young he showed it to him. It was a part of his ,,challenges''

gai is gay

6. One of Naruto's favorite hobbies watering plants.

uzumaki plants

7. Naruto at least once was seen by more than 350 million people. 

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